Sigma Kappa

Chapter Chairwomen

Chapter Chairwomen

Tori Maddex

Social Chair

Tori Maddex is a heath sciences major from Tarpon Springs, Florida. A fun fact is that she spent NYE in Maui and got to see the amazing views from the top of Mount Haleakala! "Sigma Kappa has given me new role models, best friends who are the sisters I’ve always wanted, and amazing opportunities to grow and lead".

Nadine Collins

Public Relations Chair

Nadine Collins is from Hamden, Connecticut. She is majoring in communications. A fun fact is that she works for Disney. “Sigma Kappa has given me so much. I have met the most amazing and inspiring women who have become my closest friends. I know that they will always be there for me and their constant love and support is something that I hold very close to my heart. Having such a strong and supportive group of women behind me has helped me to grow as a person and find strengths within myself that I never knew were there. I have gained confidence in myself and leadership skills through Sigma Kappa. I truly cannot imagine my life without this incredible organization. Sigma Kappa means so much to me and I am forever grateful for the women and the personal growth I have found through my time in Sigma Kappa.”

Victoria Schmidt

Ritual Chair

Victoria Schmidt is a pre- nursing major from Naples, Florida. A fun fact is that she has a twin brother and they were born in London, England. “Sigma Kappa has given me so many amazing and wonderful woman. I have found my forever family who will always be there for me and continue to give me the best memories and experiences.

Jessica Tolson

Activities Chair

Jessica Tolson is from Dunkirk, Maryland. She moved into the house with her best friend Jordan!

Kelly Rolen

Sisterhood Chair

Kelly Rolen is a third year health science major from Tarpon Springs, Florida. She work currently at AdventHealth Tampa as a nursing assistant! "I originally went through recruitment to find a home away from home and to find a way to build connections with people on campus! Sigma Kappa has given me some of my best friends as well as an incredible support system. They are my second family!"

Disaffiliated Member


This member is majoring in psychology and minoring in aging sciences. This member was born in Townsend, Massachusetts. This member is also a triplet! "SK has given me so much more than I ever thought I would get from joining a sorority. I have gained lifelong friendships, leadership skills, confidence, and would not be the woman I am today, or who I see myself as in the future if it weren't for this organization and Panhellenic life"

Jordan Banc

Sigma Kappa Triangle Correspondant

Jordan Banc is a health sciences major from Basalt, Colorado. Her favorite animal is a llama. "When I first joined Sigma Kappa as an out of state student, I had no idea it would bring me to where I am today. In joining SK, I have made incredibly strong and unique friendships that I know I will have for the rest of my life. SK has given me countless opportunities to branch out, meet new people and learn new things. Additionally, this sorority has helped to grow as a leader both in my community and in the sisterhood, as I now am the triangle correspondent. Sigma Kappa has helped me grow as an individual in all aspects of my life and I am excited to see what the future holds for my time in this sorority."

Lindsay Van Dyke

Community Manager

Lindsay Van Dyke is a sophomore from Orlando, Florida. She is an Integrative Animal Biology major. A fun fact is that she has never opened a pop top soda can (She has a phobia). "Sigma Kappa has given me a home. I came into recruitment looking for a family and I found it among my wonderful, inspiring, supportive sisters."

Morgan Perez

Diversity and Inclusion Chair

Morgan Perez is a psychology major from Fort Pierce, Florida. She has two fur babies that loves avocados more than she does. "I joined Sigma Kappa in hopes of finding my forever friends, and now that I’ve found them I couldn’t live without them!"

Olivia Garfinkel

Continuous Open Bidding Chair

Olivia Garfinkel is a pre-nursing major from Orlando, Florida. A fun fact is that she has an identical twin sister. "I went through recruitment because I wanted to find friends that I knew would be there for me for not only my college experiences but also my lifelong experiences as well. I knew that going through the long process of recruitment would all soon be worth it!"

Lili Mutter

House Manager

Lili Mutter is a psychology major from Naples, Florida. She is also in the USF's marching band. "Sigma Kappa has given me a family of love and support that has gotten me through the trials of college."

Kayla Miner

Senior Delegate

Kayla is a senior majoring in Health Sciences and a minoring in Psychology. She is from Wrentham, Massachusetts. "Sigma Kappa has given me lifelong friendships and a sense of belonging."