Sigma Kappa

Lambda Zeta Chapter

Letter from the Chapter

Letter from the Chapter

Dear Potential New Member,

     Congratulations on your decision to join the stampede here at the University of South Florida and more so, your decision to go through Formal Recruitment. Here at USF, our Panhellenic Council is home to 10 phenomenal and unique chapters. Each chapter at the University of South Florida offers something different yet beautiful to the life of each and every one of its members. By joining the Panhellenic community, know that you will embark on a journey that will change your life forever. You will not only learn more about yourself, but you will come out of this process as a stronger and more well-rounded young woman. 

     We know good and well what you must be feeling right now. The nerves about what it will be like moving away from home for the first time, but also the excitement about beginning this new chapter in your life. We know these feelings all too well, because just a few years ago we were in your exact shoes. Fortunately, we were able to find our home in the loving arms of Sigma Kappa - and our sincerest hope is that you find your home as well. On behalf of the Sigma Kappas of the University of South Florida, we cannot wait to get to know you better, and shower you with all of our love! We hope that you have an incredible experience and wish you the best during your recruitment process.

     In Sigma,

          Erika House (Chapter President) & Nadine Collins (Vice President of Membership)