Sigma Kappa

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New Member Program

New Member Program

Dear Potential New Member,

     My name is Kaitlyn Cabrera, and I’m the Vice President of New Member Education here at the Lambda Zeta Chapter of Sigma Kappa. I would first of all like to welcome you ladies to our sisterhood. Sigma Kappa is nationally known for our opportunities in: leadership development, philanthropic service, scholarship, and overall personal growth. As new member educator, it is my responsibility to not only educate you on the foundations and history of our beloved sorority, but to grow as an independent woman in all aspects of life. Sigma Kappa also encourages women to represent their university well, participating within the Fraternity and Sorority Life community and taking opportunities to serve others. As someone who is very passionate about our sorority, and with a memorable new member experience, I’m here as your right hand throughout this whole journey, and cannot wait to see what you can bring to our sisterhood! We all live "one heart, one way", striving to be the best women we can be. I hope that you will open your heart to our sisters, our words, and love we have to share. Can’t wait to meet you!

     In Sigma,

          Kaitlyn Cabrera (Vice President of New Member Education)


     The New Member Promise Program consists of ten meetings, once per week, that aim to accentuate Sigma Kappa values and offer a method of chapter integration for the new members. Seven of these meetings occur before initiation allowing for the new members to learn about the purposes and goals of the sorority. The three following initiation are designed to help the new initiates transition into the next phase of their membership. The meetings are designed to be interactive and engaging in order for each individual to feel connected to their fellow sisters as well as grasp a good understanding of the purpose and goals of Sigma Kappa. While new members are unable to attend the formal chapter meetings, the biweekly informal chapter meetings are another opportunity for the new members to interact with the initiated sisters and to better understand the workings of the chapter. New members are encouraged to attend these meetings along with their Promise meetings.